Air, sea or land freight - deliver your goods & supplies on time and safely with our seamless logistics services. Pre-order assistance helps to avoid any problem or delay for import & export formalities. Warehouse and "on the way" consolidtion services reduce the costs and time expenditure.








Road, Railways etc.

All kinds of land transportation from China, EU, India and other countries to Armenia, including rail, trucks (also small vehicles and oversized cargoes).


Sea freight

We can offer not only container transportation, but also bulk, liquid and other types of ships for your orders. Oil products (MDO, MGO, IFO, LSFO, VLSFO).


Superfast delivery

The most fastest way to deliver your cargoes from all over the world. Even for project cargoes (oversized) we can provide the solution.


Exports operations

Exports to Europe and Asia, including large hubs such as Rotterdam, Istanbul, Busan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Singapore, Shanghai.


Our company supplies a wide range of imported equipment and materials for wineries in Armenia and Georgia. If you have a direct contract with the manufacturer, we will help with logistics and customs clearance, obtaining permits (certificates, declarations of conformity, test reports).


Equipment for all production of wine, from the stage of collection and preparation of materials, ending with the capping and storage of bottles, including:

  • Crusher-destemmers
  • Wine Press
  • Wine Tanks (also stainless steel drums and oak barrels)
  • Wine Pumps
  • Filtration equipment


Hundreds of Containers a Day

All types of cork from European manufacturers:

  • natural, incl. alternative
  • synthetic
  • screw
  • glass
  • crown cap


Bottles of different sizes from 187.5 ml (Piccolo or Split) to 30 liters (Melchizedek or Midas), as well as any shape:

  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • Champagne
  • Alsace
  • Provence



We offer ESG strategy development services:
  • Industry Benchmarks and Key Trends
  • Analysis of non-financial reporting and identification of gaps (gap assessment) reporting
Development of SBTi goals and their announcement:
  • Analysis of achievement methods and resources
  • Scenarios and different target levels
  • Preparing documents for SBTi
Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions:
  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint calculation according to GHG methodology
  • Materiality assessment of Scope 3 categories and detailed calculations by category
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions by product
Climate reporting:
  • Calculation of a preliminary rating without submitting an application to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Preparing turnkey CDP reporting with an official rating


The aim of our projects is to develop ways to reduce operating costs (energy efficiency):
  1. you fill out the questionnaire;
  2. we remotely analyze and determine potential;
  3. conduct a focal investment energy audit at the facility;
  4. then develop technical solutions for saving energy resources, calculate the necessary investments, the payback period;
  5. we realize the project on a "turn-key" basis".


Our company offers energy efficiency solutions for small and medium businesses:
  • upgrading energy distribution infrastructure;
  • control and analytics of energy consumption;
  • energy procurement;
  • development and implementation of energy saving programs.
We have the greatest competence in the following segments:
  • manufacturing companies;
  • logistics hubs (ports, terminals);
  • large retail;
  • food industry;
  • greenhouse complexes.


The implementation of the own generation system in the form of parallel and island modes of the working network allows to reduce the cost of energy resources and to increase the reliability of power supply for production.

The priority equipment in this case are gas piston installations, which has one of the best efficiency, low cost and high reliability.

Sustainable development

Increasing efficiency - improving the environment. The introduction of energy-efficient solutions in addition to improving competitiveness, also reduces CO2 emissions and increases the social responsibility of the company. We help you to correctly prepare reports for CDP, RE100 and other companies.

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